Atomega is a Multiplayer Arena Shooter From the Makers of Grow Home

The creators of Grow Home (and its sequel, Grow Up) have climbed their beanstalk and are ready to move on to their next endeavor. Early Monday morning, Ubisoft and the Ubisoft Reflections studio announced a new multiplayer arena shooter called Atomega.

The idea is that post-biological lifeforms called Exoforms are traversing the very end of reality itself. As the known universe rapidly dissolves into nothingness, the Exoforms decide to pick up voxel-like masses to create larger bodies for themselves. Using those bodies, up to eight players fight for dominance.

Firefights inevitably erupt as players compete for mass pieces and fight to evolve into Omega form. Collecting masses earns players points, with victory granted to the player with the most points after ten minutes.

For a look at how Atomega will work, check out the trailer below. This multiplayer shooter will be here sooner than anyone thinks. In fact, it'll be out in just eight days, as Atomega releases on Steam on Tuesday, September 19 for $9.99.

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