iPhone X Rumored to Include Six-Core 'A11 Fusion' Processor

Ahead of Tuesday's Apple iPhone Keynote Presentation, more information continues to surface about the rumored iPhone X. The latest batch points to a six-core 'A11 Fusion' processor, which will allow for more intensive processing.

Steve Troughton-Smith (via Apple Insider pointed to the six-core processor in a Sunday morning tweet, which will improve on the four-core processor currently in the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. The six cores will bring it closer to the iPad Pro, which currently features three high performance "Hurricane" cores and three high efficiency "Zephyr" cores. The iPhone X is expected to carry two high performance cores and four high efficiency cores.

The iPhone X is expected to be revealed on Tuesday morning alongside the iPhone 8, though it is unclear whether the new processor will be included in both models or just the iPhone X.

Shacknews talked about what we expect from tomorrow's event on this week's Shackcast.

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The Apple iPhone Keynote Presentation begins on September 12 at 1PM ET.

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