Destiny 2 Director Addresses Shader Microtransactions

Destiny 2 has come under fire from the game's community for its microtransaction system. In particular, the change to the game's shader system has drawn the ire of the game's fans. Shaders are no longer an unlimited resource, but are now consumable items. Players can continue finding shaders across the game's worlds or purchase them with Silver purchased for real-money.

Destiny 2 Director Luke Smith took to Twitter (via Game Informer) to address these complaints.

Smith's argument is that shaders become a more frequent drop after level 20, noting them as an incentive to play through Destiny 2's worlds to collect their unique drops. Of course, such an argument doesn't erase the fact that the shaders are still a real-money carrot dangling in front of the player throughout the game. It certainly feels like a disappointment for fans of the older system, potentially having to farm an activity to get a chance at a random shader drop that can only be applied to a single piece of gear. It feels like Bungie attempted to fix a system that was not broken to begin with.

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