Sea of Thieves Will Be Playable on Laptops and Potatoes

Rare’s Sea of Thieves has been a feature title for Microsoft going all the way back to E3 2016. The open world pirate adventure-simulator is expected to release sometime in early 2018 and brings friends together for plundering on the high seas. Microsoft and Rare were at Gamescom 2017 with some fresh news for players awaiting the multiplayer swashbuckler.

The biggest announcement for Rare was that console and PC players would be able to enjoy crossplay with no restrictions. When they say no restrictions, it appears to be the real deal. In an interview with PCGamer, PC design lead Ted Timmins revealed that the PC version will be incredibly accommodating to all types of configurations. The game will support adjustable FoV and 4K resolution for players with top flight PCs, but also has options to help those with less than amazing gaming rigs.

Timmins revealed that Sea of Thieves will offer a 540p mode that allows players to run the game at less than HD resolution and framerate lock setting that includes a 15fps option. Players running the game on hardware below minimum spec will be able to plunder booty at consistent frame times, even with sub-optimal framerates. These players will still be able to cross play with console counterparts just like the high-end PC players.

Timmins also sat down for Shacknews on the big leather couch during E3 2017 for an in-depth interview on Sea of Thieves. You can catch the full interview in the video below:

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