First Shenmue III Teaser Shows Off New Characters And World

Just last week it was revealed that Ys Net would be partnering up with Deep Silver for Shenmue III publishing. Now, we've got the first bit of content coming from that collaboration in the form of a new trailer uploaded on PlayStation's official YouTube.

The trailer shows off a collection of cutscenes and sweeps through environments and the clips seem to be in-engine. There are some fighting and training scenes, but no actual gameplay (unless the fights included QTE inputs edited out of the footage). In the embedded video's description, it is said that the trailer was created from a small slice of the in-development build to show off the main characters, new characters, and the world's feel.

It's good to finally see some action but one thing that unfortunately stands out in the lead character's dead expression throughout.  Ryu's face is comically stale no matter what he's doing in the trailer, but there's still plenty of development left for the game since it has a targeted release late in 2018. The environments look solid, especially a particular scene showing off giant versions of the Dragon and Phoenix mirrors.

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