Madden NFL 18: MUT SQUADS Gameplay NFL Films Highlight - Shacknews vs Gamespot

The NFL preseason is underway which means a new installment of Madden is coming. Madden 18 features some new great modes, but today we are focusing on MUT SQUADS. Teams of three players face off head-to-head in this Madden Ultimate Team mode. I faced off with some rival journalists at a recent press event at EA’s headquarters in Redwood City, California. 

Miguel Concepcion, formerly of Shacknews and now at Gamespot, lead his team (which included Blake Morse and some guy with fancy hair) into battle against my team. I had been dealt a weak hand with one journalist on my team having never played a sports game in his entire life. Luckily DualShock’s Tomas Franzese was also on my team and had quite a bit of Madden experience. 

So it would be. Shacknews and Gamespot would face off for eternal video game sportsball bragging rights. Please take a look at this carefully crafted NFL Films-style highlight video. Shacknews, this is for you!

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