Dragon Quest Builders 2 Is Coming Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4

During a livestream this weekend, Square Enix revealed that work on Dragon Quest Builders 2 is underway, and the sequel is headed to both Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. It’s exciting news for fans of the overall Dragon Quest franchise, but especially for those who loved the Minecraft-inspired offshoot.

Like its predecessor, Dragon Quest Builders 2 will transport players to the fantastic world from the Dragon Quest JRPG series, where they can build their own towns and embark on quests to rid the world of fearsome—or at least slimy—monsters. However, the sequel introduces a few new elements.

In the video, which was captured from the stream by RPGSite, you can see the hero dive into a deep body of water, then swim through it and head toward new materials. In another scene, he hammers away blocks along the edge of a rocky basin that contains a pool of water. That destruction produces a waterfall, and the hero jumps away from his rocky perch before using a cloth to glide slowly through the air.

A subsequent scene shows several players working together to build a small hut, which is a new mechanic for the series that fans can probably expect to hear more about in the future. It featured only briefly in the footage Square Enix has shared so far.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 hasn’t been confirmed for a release in the west, and no release window was announced. However, the previous game reached North America on both PlayStation 4 and Vita (a PlayStation 3 edition is available in Japan but wasn’t localized), so it’s likely the next installment will receive similar treatment.

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