New DXRacer Chair Will Have Your Wallet Quake in Fear

The whole idea of celebrity-endorsed gaming paraphernalia - be it headphones, a mouse and keyboard, console or junk food - is just a blatant money grab that gives the creator a reason to jack up the prices of a product that you could easily get cheaper for better quality, with the right research. Think Beats by Dre.

Such is the case with a new line of gaming chairs from DXRacer, expecting you to drop $379 for a Quake chair, or one from eSports teams Ninjas in Pyjamas or NAVI. Besides the themed look, what does the chair give you that requires you to drop the equivalent of almost seven new AAA games on? Let's see:

  • The seat has wheels: Woohoo, so does my kid's walker and most office chairs. Next!
  • The arm rests move up and down: Again, a feature of many cheaper office chairs, and my grandmother's wheelchair. Moving on!
  • Adjustable seat elevation: Really? Wow, who would have thought of that, except hundreds of office furniture makers before them. Innovative!
  • The seat back can be adjusted: Wow, it's a recliner too? That is exceptionally nice if you fall asleep at your computer on a regular basis, but unless you can play while you are sleeping, not really a great feature since good posture is essential for long hours in front of a screen.
  • The base has colors to match the seat: Lord knows that color-coordinating your game space is a must have for any serious gamer in 2017. Rumor is that DXRacer will also soon add a line of color swatches so you can match the rest of the furniture and maybe even a line of paint. Sigh.
  • A Carbon Vinyl look: The look of your chair is incredibly important, especially if your backside has eyes, but again, it is not a functional requirement for a good chair.

So looking back, EVERYTHING offered can be found on a quality office chair from Staples, Office Depot, Amazon or even Walmart for at least $200 less. Please don't bring up quality, because you are deluding yourself if you think that the extra cash you are laying out is anything other than a branding opportunity where your favorite esports team or game publisher is getting a cut of the profits.

Do yourself a favor and just do some research. Personally, I found a great ergonomic chair, with adjustable armrests, back and height adjustments (and wheels) for $149, and it has lasted me a year already. So unless you absolutely have money to burn or just have to have a chair with someone else's name splattered across it, use the money you save on other gaming gear. Let's face it, none of this will make you any better as a gamer unless a chair can actually channel Ninjas in Pyjamas into you as you play. And I didn't see that on the spec sheet.  

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