CemU Outpaces Nintendo, Runs Mario Kart 8 In 8k

Despite our qualms with the CemU Wii U emulator, the efforts to bring a perfect version of the latest Zelda entry to PC were honorable and quite successful. The 1.8.1b update had Breath of the Wild running in 4k from open to close and now, as reported by Kotaku, CemU has upped the ante by having Mario Kart running in 8k after it barely ran at all in an earlier version of the emulator.

Will, who uploaded the clip, is running CemU on a PC equipped with i7 6700k and a GTX 1080 Ti. He hasn’t uploaded the raw 8k footage yet and there’s no guarantee he will considering how few would be able to actually run it in all its glory, but the version he put on YouTube is a supersampled 4k clip that is still quite impressive if you don’t have the right screen to view it. The clip is of gameplay footage made while playing in 8k, and that’s the key. It’s incredibly smooth and has come a long way since roughly running the game in 2015.

This a technical feat for sure but will CemU be able to keep pace as Nintendo undoubtedly tries to find a way to shut the emulator down? 

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