Destiny 2 For PC Prohibits Some Capture and Overlay Software

Loads of PC gamers are waiting patiently for the Destiny 2 Beta that is scheduled for the end of this month. Once the beta goes live, many players will find that certain game capture and overlay apps will not work like they do for virtually every other PC game. In an effort to curb cheating, Bungie explains on their Destiny 2 Help Page that apps using common injection methods will be restricted from use by the game.

Specifically, Bungie names popular capture tools like OBS and Xsplit, which are very popular with game streamers and players who make recordings of their gameplay, as a couple of the apps that will be blocked from fullscreen game capture. The devs explain that using the windowed capture modes of those app will be permitted, though.

Like their game capture counterparts, many overlay apps will also be incompatible with Destiny 2. This includes popular 3rd-party voice chat app overlays used by Discord, Mumble and Teamspeak. Additionally, performance monitoring tools like the popular MSI Afterburner, EVGA Precision, and Fraps will be unavailable for use with the sci-fi loot shooter.

Bungie notes that capture solutions that work at the driver level, specifically nVidia’s Shadowplay and AMD’s Relive will be supported by the Destiny 2 client.

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