Titanfall 2 Drops Onto EA's Origin Access

EA and Respawn Entertainment have deployed the 2016 FPS hit TItanfall 2 to the Origin Access and EA Access services. Users of the EA services will have full access to both the single-player campaign mode and the game’s wonderful multiplayer modes. Also available to play will be the recently released Frontier Shield DLC. It brings a 4-player horde mode, a new map, and new cosmetics to the sci-fi battlefield.

Titanfall 2 joins many other EA hits on the Access services, which originally launched on consoles in 2014. Origin Access provides a similar service for PC gamers and first arrived in January of 2016. EA’s other 2016 FPS hit, Battlefield 1, is also expected to make an appearance on Access in the near future.

Titanfall 2’s arrival on the service coincides with the conclusion of the free weekend that ran until yesterday.

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