N64 Classic Possibly Outed By Trademark Application

The NES Classic was a hit with nostalgia-starved fans when Nintendo released it. Unfortunately, it was unceremoniously pulled, but only to reveal an SNES Classic a few weeks later. Now there are rumblings via a European trademark application that a Nintendo 64 Classic could be in the works as well.

Earlier this week, Nintendo filed four figurative trademark requests with the European Union Intellectual Property Office, one each for an NES controller, an SNES controller, a Switch controller, and an N64 controller (via NeoGAF). All four are registered under Goods and Services classifications covering videogame apparatus, parts and accessories.

The first three applications can be explained as expansions on the previous classics as well as a new design for the current Switch, but the N64 is the odd one out, as nothing current is available for the 21-year-old system. Given how popular the NES Classic and SNES Classics have been, an N64 version would not be out of the question, and probably a smart move for Nintendo.

Of course, this is all highly speculative, but we like to speculate. Sometimes we are right.

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