NIN's LESS THAN Video Revives Polybius Urban Legend

Nine Inch Nails released a music video for their new single off their upcoming EP, Add Violence, titled "LESS THAN" earlier today. The music features gameplay footage from Polybius and has some gamers believing that Trent Reznor is invoking an urban legend from the 1980's.

The music video splices in Reznor's lyrics over gameplay from Polybius. Brook Linder, director of the video, may have been inspired by the urban legend that the United States government developed and released a video game in the early 1980's and that some players experienced psychological and physiological effects after playing the arcade cabinet. There is no proof that this ever happened, and it has been largely labeled a gamer urban legend.

Llamasoft's lead developer Jeff Minter eventually did make the game a reality and Polybius will be releasing for PS4 and PSVR in the near future. As for NIN, the band will release the Add Violence EP on July 21.

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