ARMS 2.0.0 update adds Max Brass, Hedlok Scramble, and more

Nintendo has issued a late Tuesday evening update to Arms, bringing it up to version 2.0.0. In addition to balance updates and bug fixes, this update adds some new goodies to the pugilistic fighter. This includes making Max Brass, Chair of the ARMS Association and the Arcade Mode's final boss, a playable character.

Along with Mr. Brass, players can also play on his stage, the Sky Arena. The elevated stadium is a square layout, with the center of the stage raised, much like a boxing ring. There are no obstacles on this stage, which will make it a prime choice for competitive esports tournaments. This will replace Snake Park in Ranked Mode, a stage that has been the subject of complaints, particularly in competitive environments. Snake Park will remain playable in other game modes.

The patch also introduces Hedlok Scramble. This new game mode has players duking it out, but capsules will fly around the arena with a special Hedlok mask. Punching the capsule allows players to become Hedlok, a souped-up fighter with multiple arms. The object then becomes to defeat whoever becomes Hedlok, before Hedlok can defeat everyone else.

Here are the balance tweaks for each of the game's characters (and some of the game's Arms) delivered through this update:

Byte & Barq

  • Fixed an issue that allowed Barq to prevent an opponent from using their Rush Attack during an online match.

Kid Cobra

  • Jumping distance has been decreased.


  • Corrected an issue which prevented Ninjara from breaking certain objects on the Ribbon Ring stage.

Ribbon Girl

  • Fixed an issue which allowed Ribbon Girl to attack in mid-air for a prolonged period of time.

Scrap Yard (stage)

  • Fixed an issue causing the destructible poles in the center of the stage to sometimes not break.

Arms updates

  • The following arms have been improved by shortening the length of time required to stretch and recoil: Megaton, Megawatt, Revolver, Retorcher, Boomerang.
  • The following arms now have an increased delay before returning to normal should they be shot down while attacking: Popper, Cracker, Vertival.
  • Phalanx: Movement speed has been increased.
  • Popper: Charge visibility has been increased.
  • Cracker: Charge visibility has been increased.
  • Vertival: Damage during Rush Attacks has been decreased.
  • Triblast: Fixed an issue that allowed Triblast to recover more quickly when the arm is repelled.
  • Geigel: Fixed an issue where Geigel would sometimes become stuck in the ground and unable to attack.
  • Megaton: Fixed an issue where Megaton would sometimes become stuck in the ground and unable to attack.
  • Slapamander: Corrected an issue that prevented some Slapamander attacks from successfully landing against Helix.
  • Fixed an issue where explosive arms would sometimes not detonate during attacks.

All of this is part of a free update that is available right now. Find the rest of the patch notes on the Nintendo Versus Twitter account. And for the Shacknews review, check that out here.

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