Letter From the Editor: A New Direction

Shacknews has been around for 21 years and we have had so many amazing writers come through here. The site began as a website dedicated to Quake, and then pivoted to cover broader gaming news. It is time for the Shack to make another move into a new coverage space. We have assembled a team to help bring our readers the very best gaming and technology content possible. It has been my pleasure to work with the team in my CEO role for nearly 3 years, and today I am stepping into the position of Editor-in-Chief.

Many gaming news outlets have lost their identities. So many websites have pivoted to cover "gamer culture" ranging from movies, TV shows, comics, and music. The entertainment news complex is already overflowing with coverage, which is why Shacknews is not expending any of our energy to compete in that media sphere. Instead, we are moving into technology news and reviews. There are plenty of news sites for technology, but very few sites do a great job of covering both gaming and technology. 

Gaming News on the Cutting Edge of Technology.

We plan to cover technology while staying true to our roots as a gaming news website with a tight knit community of predominantly PC gamers. I am excited by this new role as Editor-in-Chief of Shacknews and I strongly believe in our new direction. Shacknews will provide Gaming News on the Cutting Edge of Technology. Please take a look at the new Shacknews team (including our sister sites) :

Asif Khan - Editor-in-Chief

John Benyamine - Editor-at-Large 

Bill Lavoy - Managing Editor

Greg Burke - Video Editor

John Keefer - News Editor

Charles Singletary - News Editor

David Craddock - Features Editor

Jason Venter - Contributing Editor

Ozzie Mejia - Contributing Editor

Adam Kraus - Contributing Editor

Chris Jarrard - Contributing Tech Editor

Michael Wang - Contributing Tech Editor

Jon Wong - Contributing Tech Editor

Brittany Vincent - Editor-in-Chief of Modojo

Steve Tyminski - Editor-in-Chief of Gamerhub.TV

Kevin Tucker - Contributing Editor - Modojo

Donovan Erskine - Intern

I want to thank all of the great editors that I have worked alongside for the past three years. Steve Watts and Steven Wong helped navigate the Shack through uncertain times and the late Andrew Yoon was a great help during the transition in ownership. This Editor-in-Chief title is not in name only and I will be doing my very best to continue to grow the Shacknews brand for decades to come. 

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