Rumor: Far Cry 5 Will Only Save One Player's Progress in Co-op

One of the biggest selling points of Far Cry 5, aside from whopping some militant religious zealot ass in Montana, was that you could do it with a friend in co-op. Great for getting through some of the more difficult parts of the game. Unfortunately, it turns out that co-op may be only good for one player, not both. See the image up top? If true, that animal explains our feelings on the topic.

German site GameStar claims that only one person will get mission progress credit for running through the game in co-op mode, if the translation is indeed accurate. That does not bode well for a game that promised start-to-finish online co-op in a series that has not previously had it. You better have a really good friend who will help you after you help them, without requiring signatures in blood.

Unfortunately, Ubisoft did not respond to a request for clarification or confirmation, so we are forced to label this as rumor since we are not fluent in German.

Far Cry 5 is coming sometime in February of next year.


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