Here's When You Can Play Zelda: Breath of the Wild's Master Trials DLC

The Master Trials, the first of two DLC expansions for Zelda: Breath of the Wild, drops tomorrow, June 30. Depending on your region and time zone, you might be able to start playing tonight.

A spokesperson from Nintendo told GameSpot that The Master Trials DLC will unlock tonight at 9:00 pm Pacific, or at 12:00 am for those on Eastern Time. You’ll be able to download on the Nintendo eShop for your Switch or Wii U. Both versions of the expansion contain similar content, although the download takes up more space on Wii U than Switch. You’ll need 3.7 GB of free space on your Wii U or a portable drive, but only 456 MB if you play on Switch.

Master Trials adds several new features and unlocks others for Breath of the Wild. The main attraction is Trial of the Sword, a combat challenge spanning 45 rooms full of enemies that ramp up in difficulty as you progress. Survive, and you’ll power up your Master Sword permanently; the “Sword of Evil’s Bane” typically only gets a boost when you go up against Ganon or creatures corrupted by the King of Evil, such as bosses.

Other content includes new masks and outfits, a harder difficulty mode, an item that lets you fast-travel to any point instead of restricting you to shrines you’ve completed, an option to show the paths you’ve taken on foot across Hyrule, and more.

Master Trials and the second Breath of the Wild expansion, titled Champions’ Ballad, cost $20 and are only available as part of the game’s season pass. Champions’ Ballad is set for release this fall.

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