Nyko's Nintendo Switch Dock is Teeny-Tiny, Won't Scratch the Screen

As much love as we pour upon the Nintendo Switch, the official system dock is less-than-ideal. Its bulk and odd shape make it difficult to take with you, the edges have been known to scratch screens unless you handle it with caution, and getting a second one to plug into another room will cost you ninety bucks. Peripheral-maker Nyko has announced its own solution, and it looks to solve most of these problems.

Ars Technica got a look at the "Portable Docking Kit" coming in September. It's remarkably small–just a tiny platform for your Switch to rest atop. Since it has no cover along the front, it won't scratch your screen. The price is right at an estimated $40-45.

All of that sounds welcome, but of course we'll have to see how it stands up in real-world performance tests. The tiny size makes its Switch balancing look a little less stable than the full-body hug of the official dock, and there may be other unforeseen complications. Still, the Switch dock is essentially a pass-through connector for your TV, so in theory there's no reason why a company like Nyko couldn't make a perfectly functional and cheaper version.

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