Rune Is Good

Well I took some time yesterday and played through a bunch of Rune. Gotta say I like it. There are certainly annoyances here and there that always seem to make it into every game, but overall I enjoyed the experience. I think FAKK2 had this game beat in terms of in-game cinematics, but Rune comes out on top with a consistent quality of characters and models. The game felt a bit linear with a hefty amount of physical puzzles in the early going. It had the best level design I've seen in an Unreal engine game to date. The game really exceeded my expectations. I dig Rune, I think you guys will too. Here is the part where I go on a minithumbnail rampage:

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That being said, Tim Gerritson of HumanHead (the developers) has a lengthy post on the Rune boards concerning piracy of the game and how pirates are hurting them. (They are a small development team)