No Man's Sky Dev Sending Out Cryptic Audio Tapes

No Man's Sky developer Hello Games has been running in stealth mode the last few months. There has been little word on what they are working on to update the game since the 1.22 patch in March added new vehicles and permadeath. But it appears something is going on now, as Hello Games has sent out some game swag along with 16 rather cryptic audio cassettes to various members of the gaming community.

Mods in the No Man's Sky subreddit started receiving the tapes a few days ago, and immediately people started trying to figure out what they mean, if they had a cassette player of course. The site is awash with speculation and analysis about hidden messages, with some going so far as spectrographic analysis and running the results through a ROT13 encryption converter. The result seems to point to the word Portal, which matches up with a description in one of the packages: "The giant gateway calls out to me, filling my mind with whispered secrets of a far-flung world."

Some recipients have been reluctant to give up their tapes, making an analysis of all 16 a bit tougher, but one user said Hello Games apparently foresaw this and has promised help if the need arises.

This megathread has plenty of details, and all the latest analysis. We'll have to wait for Hello Games to give us the official word on what it all means, but the speculation is always fun.

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