WWDC: Apple Enters Internet of Things Market with HomePod

Apple hopes to do to home speakers what the iPod did to music via the HomePod, a speaker that has "incredible acoustic properties" per the Apple impresarios who debuted it at today's WWDC.

Positioned as a competitor to the Amazon Echo, the HomePod prioritizes music usage. It runs on an Apple A8 and houses a custom woofer, as well as real-time acoustic modeling and multi-channel echo cancellation. What that means is HomePod will optimize audio based on where you put it.

HomePod will recognize voice commands and play any songs you've got stored in Apple Music. If you like the song that just played and want to listen to more tunes in that vein, just say "I like this song" or "Play more songs like that." HomePod responds to other questions Apple users have been asking Siri for years, such as requests for the weather.

The device will sync up with HomeKit-friendly devices, so you'll be able to tell it to control components of your home such as air conditioning and garage doors. Not coincidentally, Apple also announced AirPlay 2, which you'll be able to use to pair up speakers and play music in different rooms of your house.

HomePod will be listed for $349. 

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