By Steve Gibson, Aug 17, 1999 5:01am PDT

So I'm not sure wtf is going on with my sleep schedule, I'm suddenly waking up at 4 or 5am in the morning for no apparent reason. I wander over here to this computer thingie and find myself completely addicted to Q3. It's... strange. I mean it's not quite like an EverQuest habit like some people have, but basically I absolutely need to play Quake3 for at least an hour a day or I start shaking. All hell is gonna break loose later this week, I am flying up to meet up with the parents.

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  • ehh if it was gonna happen my way, id or some kick ass basterd would make a model for q3 that could do the \"safty dance\"

    for those of you who have no idea what the piss the safty dance is, shit on you.

    #5 funny all true, and dont forget the fact that when your fighting off a guy with a rocket luncher and you have a machine gun, you tend to play like one hell of a brave SOB. but the minute that dip shit with the rocket luncher runs out of life ending projectiles and you here the click.....it\'s like PISS!! and O goood!! out pops the gauntlet. Now i dont know why but you would think, that just maby you would proceed to own the little basterd, oh but wait this is q3 the game of extremly fucked up shit. so for some reason (unknown) you start to panick, and all the while your pissing your pants trying to avoid getting palmmed (because the thing looks so damn nasty) some cool and calm SOB is wondering your way with a quad whoob jewb (plasmagun). now we all know that you cant very well escape a quad whoob jewb on a regular bases, thus putting you in one hell of a spot. So what do you do, you turn and attempt to take on the gauntlet right?!, hah WRONG!!!, because all that time some piss ant camper was watching your every move with his trusty rail gun. game over you loose

    that is untill you see the same thing happen to that damn bitch with the gauntlet, then its all werth while. :)

    just thought that we should all share in my messed up ways

    plus 13 i think you should shut the piss up for we both know that you are gonna use one or 2 of those tips, plus tangents are what make the world go round. well that and blow jobs.

    tah tah 6^)

  • hehe #5
    I got a TFC thing for ya to do..
    in 2fort you goto the battlement while playing as a demo man or soldier
    if your a soldier launch rockets at the ERROGENT snipers feet.. cuz snipers suck....they\'ll fly around once ya get the hang of it..
    if you play as a demo man you\'ll have more fun..
    the demo man had prox grenades and a det pack...
    if your good you can place the detpack close to one of those lame snipers and step back or just sit there and watch the sniper FLY across the map.. hehehehe of course you DIE but it was worth a good laugh
    and with the prox grenades.. hehe spread a good deal on the battle ment and wait for him to be in JUST the right spot and BOOM sniper flys into the water..hehe
    And if your the devil build a gun infront of the exit door of the ammo room... hehe
    they cant get out unless SOME one becomes a engineer for a couple minutes to take it out....
    then when they do just put it infront of another door eeheheh
    and btw TFC and HALF LIFE SUCK but thats bout the only FUN thing i found in TFC