Google's Digital Whiteboard Will Be Great for Online Workplaces

Google has constantly innovated upon their different programs in order to keep up with the way business is handled in modern times. Docs and Drive are just a couple of examples of the company adapting to the way we share information in the digital age. Google’s next move in simplifying the online workplace comes in their new digital whiteboard - titled “Jamboard.”

There’s a ton of bells and whistles that separates the Jamboard from the standard whiteboards you’ll find in classrooms and offices. Starting with the 55 inch 4K screen. When a person writes or draws on the screen, those markings will be shown on other Jamboard devices in real time. Allowing for coworkers to get together and collaborate physically, while also being hundreds and hundreds of miles apart.

The fun part is that the Jamboard provides an awesome variety of tools that allow you to use different fonts, colors, shapes, and even emojis. You’re also able to share screenshots, photos, and even use the built-in webcam to video chat with colleagues.

The Jamboard is definitely a more cost-efficient option compared to Microsoft’s counterpart, The Surface Hub, which costs $9,000 for the 55 inch 1080p model and $22,000 for the 84 inch 4K model. The Jamboard is available for purchase in the United States as of today.

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